UltraTech UT 1240

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Ultratech Power Products UT 1240 12V 4.5Ah Sealed Lead Acid Alarm Battery

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Read the UT 1240 Installation Instructions to learn how to install the Ultratech Power Products UT 1240 12V 4.5Ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery into your alarm system.

Ultratech Power Products UT 1240 12V 4.5Ah Sealed Lead Acid Alarm Battery

Which alarm batteries do technicians, installers, and security professionals choose for their 12 Volt 4.5 Amp Hour SLA Backup Alarm Batteries?

UltraTech Power Products UT 1240, time and time again. UltraTech Power Products is known to be the most reputable Alarm Battery brand in the country. When choosing a 12 Volt 4.5 Amp Hour SLA battery, the UltraTech UT 1240 is the ideal backup power source.

Here are a few reasons the UT 1240 (commonly known as the IM-1240) is recognized as the best in the industry:

• 2 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty – (Covers Defect Only, not Lifespan)
• Highest quality parts in the industry: ISO 9002 Certified
• Easy Installation
• Rechargeable
• Non-Spillable: Can be operated in any position without leakage

This battery is the direct replacement for all previous versions of UltraTech UT1240.

While previous models of the Ut1240 may be 12V 4Ah batteries, be assured that the UT 1240 12V 4.5 Ah battery is the newer, current model and is fully compatible.

Ultratech batteries are often found in burglar alarm systems, fire alarm systems, access control systems, low-voltage lighting, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) systems, as well as other security and battery backup applications. Residential Alarm panels made by Honeywell Ademco, Napco, DSC and GE are common applications of the Ultratech UT 1240.

Terminals: Fast-on F1 (0.187”) Connectors

Click Here for the UT 1240 Spec Sheet

Battery Specifications:

20Hr. rate of 0.225A to 10.5V 4.5Ah
10Hr. rate of 0.400A to 10.5V 4.0Ah
5Hr. rate of 0.720A to 10.5V 3.6Ah
1Hr. rate of 2.700A to 9.60V 2.57Ah

Weight (approx.): 3.63 pounds (1.65kgs.)

Energy Density (20Hr. rate) - 1.38WH/ cubic inch (84.38WH/ liter)

Maximum Discharge Current with Standard Terminals - 22.5A Amperes

Charge Retention (shelf life) at 60° F (20° C) :

1 Month 97%
3 Month 91%
6 Month 85%

Life Expectancy:

Standby use - 3 to 5 years

Cycle use (approx.) - 100% Depth of Discharge 250cycles, 50% Depth of Discharge 550cycles, 30 of Discharge 1200 cycle.

Product Reviews


"5 out of 5 stars" - Roger Lang, Ann Arbor, MI
UltraTech has never failed on us, even in the most trying of times. We've had crazy power surges and power outages but UltraTech always kept our alarm panels working long enough for power to be restored. I always order UltraTech batteries when it's time to replace them, because I know with UltraTech i don't have to replace them too often. It's a no brainier, when most installers want to charge you $150 for a service call to install a $40-50 battery.


"5 out of 5 stars" - Anonymous, Ketchikan, AK
We've used UltraTech batteries for years, just because of their enduring resilience in 'adverse' conditions. We've used UltraTech Batteries in so many different deployments and so do most of our neighbors and friends in the area. We recommend UltraTech batteries, for sure, just because we know at the end of the day, we're protected when it comes to backup power.


"5 out of 5 stars" - Roger Millis, Roanoke, VA
UltraTech is Ultra Reliable! I love their batteries and won't use anything else for my alarm panel. I know my family is safe and secure at all times!


"5 out of 5 stars" - Ben Jackson, Twin Falls, ID
The UltraTech 1240 is definitely one of the best batteries in it's industry. I originally received a different brand of battery when I bought my Alarm Panel that didn't last that long at atll! My next purchase was an UltraTech and I haven't been disappointed since. Years of reliability, hands down and I don't have to worry about blackouts or anything else, because I know my Ultratech Alarm Battery has me covered! Thanks Ultratech!

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