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Q: My alarm panel is giving me a low battery indicator so I ordered a new battery. What do I do until then?

A: You don't have to do anything. The alarm panel will still function normally unless the power goes out. That's the only time that your UltraTech Alarm Battery is used, to provide consistant protection to your home or business even when the power goes out.

Q: My last alarm battery lasted me 10 years. I bought a new alarm battery and it only lasted me 6 months. What gives?

A: UltraTech alarm batteries are of the highest quality batteries in the industry. That being said, individual user's mileage may vary depending on circumstances. Because the battery is only used when the power is interrupted for the alarm system, if your alarm system is unplugged for extended periods of time, the power is down for several hours or any other situation where the alarm panel isn't receiving a constant source of power, your battery may have discharged too deeply to be recharged. In this case, your battery must be replaced.

Q: I need a 12 volt 4 amp hour alarm battery and I heard about the UltraTech Alarm Battery, but I'm not looking for a battery for an Alarm Panel. Can I use this battery?

A: The UltraTech 1240 is typically used in Alarm Panels, but it isn't it's only function. The UltraTech 1240 and other UltraTech batteries can be used in emergency lighting, uninterruptible power supplies, back-up power supplies, electric scooters, electric wheelchairs, electric bicycles, marine applications, battery electric vehicles or motorcycles, depending ont he voltage and amperage needed for the device. The only thing that must be considered is the terminal size (whether the battery you require has F1 (.187" measured horizontally) or F2 (.25" measured horizontally) metal terminals, nut bolt terminals or another form of terminal for connection.

Q: It says the UltraTech 1270 is a rechargeable battery. If it's rechargeable, then why is the alarm panel giving me a low battery indicator?

A: The battery has probably been discharged too deeply. When a battery is discharged beyond a certain point, it can't be recharged to it's original capacity. Thus, the battery must be replaced.

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